A Hint of Rock n’ Roll

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Friday nights are made for trying something new. Whether that be going to that coffee shop you’ve always wanted to try out, making plans with that one person you can’t stop thinking about, or giving yourself the confidence to wear something that can make you feel reborn.

For me, it was taking inspiration from the moto style and mixing elements of rock n’ roll culture with it. Nowadays I feel as though everyone in Los Angeles owns a Harley Davidson shirt, but how can you go wrong with such an iconic name? The answer is you can’t. Finding this gem at Wasteland seemed to make it all the more special on my part.

Going down to the accessories, I am a sucker for anything gold. I wear a gold hummingbird around my neck everyday, so you can bet that I only wear pieces that accentuate my staple piece. I paired the hummingbird together with a customizable choker from The M Jewelers, and my neck was basically singing. For earrings, I just so happened to be looking through my jewelry box when I came across one cross earring and thought “I don’t mind that one is missing, I’m going to make it work” and so I did.

Friday nights are made for trying something new.

Yamashiro Hollywood

Up in the Hollywood Hills lies a secret piece of paradise. Where you can dance, swim, enjoy an amazing view of the city of angels, and taste a delicious Japanese cuisine. This is known as Yamashiro.

Yamashiro carries an atmosphere that could only be described as peaceful. Walking up the steps into the restaurant, I felt as though I was entering a different world. My family and I sat in the garden area, which was absolutely breathtaking. (If you decide to eat here I highly recommend this dining area).

The top three options off of the menu that I would recommend are the shrimp dumplings, small sushi boat, and snow crab avocado rice sushi. With every bite comes a little bit of happniess! The service is amazing and our waiter was very attentive to make sure we had everything we needed. I would definitely recommend Yamashiro Hollywood if you need something to celebrate while in Los Angeles!


Malibu Summer Dream

If you are in Los Angeles but want to get away from the city, the best place to go is Malibu. With clear blue skies, beautiful ocean water, and a scenic view of the California cliffs, you can’t go wrong. Yet, what could make this better? The answer is simple. A yellow dress.

Spending a summer day in a dress could never feel wrong, especially when wearing the dress above. Pair it with a jean jacket and some cut out ankle boots; you are instantly ready to spend a day in Malibu. The dress has enough movement to where you won’t feel restricted throughout the day (perfect for not worrying about whether you look like you have a food baby or not). A classic jean jacket? No need to explain an essential to any wardrobe. The tan cut out ankle boots are absolutely what ties in the whole outfit to give you the classic “west coast” vibe. The ankle boots are comfortable, and the heel isn’t high enough to where you feel as though you wish you brought those other pair of shoes.

Yellow is a happy, vibrant, “I’m going to make you happy even if you don’t want to be” color. The most essential color to summer. You see it in advertisements, swimsuits, and can’t help but be reminded of the sun. Add yellow into your wardrobe, and you can’t go wrong.

Yellow Dress: https://www.loft.com/tassel-tie-waist-dress/432218?skuId=23145405&defaultColor=3616&colorExplode=true&catid=catl000013

*Company unfortunately no longer sells the dress but here is something I found that is close.

Cutout Ankle Boots: https://www.norestforbridget.com/collections/shoes/products/avalon-cutout-ankle-boots


Poppy + Rose Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for fashion, music, and entertainment. Yet, what most people fail to realize is the food scene. Los Angeles is filled with many restaurants, diners, cafes, and bars. Although I am not old enough to give my insight on which bars I would recommend to you, I can give my opinion on one diner I recently visited. Poppy + Rose.

I was sent to the Flower District on a field trip assignment, given by one of my professors. With my mom joining me on this excursion, her first concern was food. She recommended the all American diner, and I just couldn’t refuse. In the middle of the Flower District in Los Angeles, lays a diamond in the rough diner. Poppy + Rose is all American, serving an array of beautifully made food for breakfast or lunch.

First walking in, I was greeted with a smile by one of the employees working there. Noticing the urban feel of the restaurant; I felt a calm, easy, positive vibe. It could have been the rustic decorations, or maybe even the simple fact that none of the dishes matched one another. But I was instantly obsessed with everything that gave me a small town feel in a big city.

Ordering the Eggs Benedict (served only on weekends) was hands down the best decision. To my surprise it was accompanied with a fresh green salad, yet it was to die for. The perfect blend of a hearty meal with a light side. The servers were attentive and always had a smile on their face, happy to do their job.

There is nothing better than a positive place to dine early in the morning. Poppy + Rose is the perfect place to go! The employee’s smiles are contagious, and you can’t help but fall in love with the environment you are surrounded by.