A Hint of Rock n’ Roll

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Friday nights are made for trying something new. Whether that be going to that coffee shop you’ve always wanted to try out, making plans with that one person you can’t stop thinking about, or giving yourself the confidence to wear something that can make you feel reborn.

For me, it was taking inspiration from the moto style and mixing elements of rock n’ roll culture with it. Nowadays I feel as though everyone in Los Angeles owns a Harley Davidson shirt, but how can you go wrong with such an iconic name? The answer is you can’t. Finding this gem at Wasteland┬áseemed to make it all the more special on my part.

Going down to the accessories, I am a sucker for anything gold. I wear a gold hummingbird around my neck everyday, so you can bet that I only wear pieces that accentuate my staple piece. I paired the hummingbird together with a customizable choker from The M Jewelers, and my neck was basically singing. For earrings, I just so happened to be looking through my jewelry box when I came across one cross earring and thought “I don’t mind that one is missing, I’m going to make it work” and so I did.

Friday nights are made for trying something new.