Malibu Summer Dream

If you are in Los Angeles but want to get away from the city, the best place to go is Malibu. With clear blue skies, beautiful ocean water, and a scenic view of the California cliffs, you can’t go wrong. Yet, what could make this better? The answer is simple. A yellow dress.

Spending a summer day in a dress could never feel wrong, especially when wearing the dress above. Pair it with a jean jacket and some cut out ankle boots; you are instantly ready to spend a day in Malibu. The dress has enough movement to where you won’t feel restricted throughout the day (perfect for not worrying about whether you look like you have a food baby or not). A classic jean jacket? No need to explain an essential to any wardrobe. The tan cut out ankle boots are absolutely what ties in the whole outfit to give you the classic “west coast” vibe. The ankle boots are comfortable, and the heel isn’t high enough to where you feel as though you wish you brought those other pair of shoes.

Yellow is a happy, vibrant, “I’m going to make you happy even if you don’t want to be” color. The most essential color to summer. You see it in advertisements, swimsuits, and can’t help but be reminded of the sun. Add yellow into your wardrobe, and you can’t go wrong.

Yellow Dress:

*Company unfortunately no longer sells the dress but here is something I found that is close.

Cutout Ankle Boots: